Liberty842 is a human intelligence agency. Our team have decades of experience in working in the ever-changing world of digital media. We create provocative, targeted content, make sense of consumer and audience data, and help brands to engage with their digital future.


Liberty842 create compelling stories for brands and broadcast media. We draw on a wealth of experience in managing and engaging with consumers online and on all social platforms – and with generating loyal and highly active fan bases.

We can help you with

  • Practical advice based on a real-world understanding of online audiences and trends
  • Creative ideas and multiplatform content generation
  • Day-to-day social media management across multiple channels
  • Growing a loyal and highly active fan base
  • Analysis and feedback of online audience data
  • Risk assessment
  • Training

Take a look at our work for Holby CityAlan Carr: Chatty Man, The Archers and The Last Leg.


We create brand strategies for clients designed to help them innovate in their sector.

We bring a with a wealth of category expertise, informing our clients of who is doing what well.

We design strategies in manageable steps to help clients navigate the ever-changing digital world.


We help broadcasters, brands and celebrities to better understand their consumers, audiences and trends. Liberty842 carries out bespoke research to give clients insights into online audience and consumer behaviour and future trends. This informs brand and digital strategies.

We can help you

  • Better understand consumer behaviour and trends, and how that might change in future
  • Review how your organisation is currently using data to inform your business goals and digital strategy
  • Focus resourcing in terms of training your team, outsourcing and recruitment
  • Develop a robust digital strategy and provide recommendations of how to effectively roll it out

See our work for Estee Lauder, Fremantle Media, ITV Studios and BBC Holby City


Create compelling digital content and to make the most of timely communication through digital media. Our training courses comprise half-day, and two-day workshops as well as tailored programmes to support clients through live projects.

Training includes

  • Setting goals and targets for what you want to achieve
  • Getting started – covering everything from Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, blogging, YouTube, Google + or through your own website
  • Networking and promotion – finding new friends and followers that have value
  • Communication skills – how to entertain and engage through social media
  • Creating content that packs a punch
  • Useful tools
  • Measuring success – understanding tools and consumer data
  • Legal considerations

Many people in the public eye are increasingly looking to social media to help engage directly with their audiences and grow a loyal fanbase. This can reap huge rewards, with an eager audience ready and willing to help promote talent activities.

However, it can be a double-edged sword. Some find they can’t devote the time needed to regularly engage with a hungry audience and build quality follower numbers. There are also risks involved in publishing content and engaging directly with audiences online. We can help you to navigate the social media arena and make sure you get the most from it.

We can help you with

  • Practical advice based on a real-world understanding of online audiences
  • Creative ideas and editorial content generation
  • An understanding of the different social media platforms and what they offer
  • Website design and development
  • Training and 24/7 support (including how-to guidelines and day-to-day advice)
  • Day-to-day management across multiple channels (ie website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat)
  • Analysis and feedback of audience engagement (including recommendations for future online activity)
  • Risk and dealing with negative comments
  • Advice on online advertising and sponsorship

Take a look at our work for Gok Wan, Michael McIntyre