Holby City finale – one year on

It’s been a year since Holby City aired its final episode after 23 years on the BBC. It’s a bittersweet moment to reflect on the end of an era. Liberty842 ran the social media for the programme for seven years. We worked closely with the production team to connect with the show’s passionate fanbase, from live-tweeting during each episode to creating engaging content for the show’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

I remember the excitement and trepidation leading up to the show’s final episode, and the mixed emotions that came with saying goodbye to the characters and storylines that had become such an integral part of so many people’s lives. As we prepared to close the social media accounts, we were flooded with messages of love and support from fans who wanted to thank us for our work and express their appreciation for the show.

Holby City’s brilliant fan base

One of the most rewarding parts of working on Holby City’s social media was engaging with fans in real-time. During each episode, we would monitor the conversation on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and respond to viewers’ questions and comments. It was amazing to see the passion and dedication of the show’s fanbase, who would live-tweet each episode, create fan art, and share their favourite moments with each other.

I was blown away to be tweeted this from Holby’s brilliant fans who’d got together to send their thanks to us and the Holby team. If I wasn’t tearful at the end of the final episode, this tipped me over the edge!

As well as engaging with fans, we were also responsible for creating content that would keep them interested and invested in the show. We would share behind-the-scenes photos and interviews (huge thanks to Ali Liddle for her sterling work on the amazing #BTS content and cast and crew interviews which always rated top for engagement with our audience), and sneak peeks of upcoming episodes. We would also create graphics and videos that would highlight key moments from the show and encourage fans to tune in each week.

Kudos to the Holby City team

The time it took to develop and create the content can’t be underestimated, and kudos to the Holby team and their brilliant producers for investing in it. It was an incredibly rewarding job, and I feel so lucky to have been a part of such a talented and dedicated team. The one-year anniversary of Holby City’s finale has reminded me of the impact that the show had on so many people. Its ground-breaking representation of LGBTQ+ characters to its nuanced portrayal of mental health and medical issues (I know more about resuscitation, heart attacks – which present differently in women, and rare diseases than I ever thought possible!), should be applauded.

While it was sad to say goodbye to the show and the characters that we grew to love over the years, I’m grateful for the experience of working on the social media team. It gave me a deeper appreciation for the dedication and creativity that goes into producing a successful television show, and it allowed me to connect with a passionate and engaged fanbase.

I’m excited to see what the future holds for the talented cast and crew. I’m sure that they will continue to create amazing work that will inspire and entertain audiences for years to come. And as for me, I’ll always be grateful for the opportunity to be a part of something so special. Here’s a lovely video put together by Ali and the team with us all saying goodbye to Holby and to the brilliant fans. 😢