Liberty842 set up the social media accounts for Alan Carr Chatty Man in 2009. For seven years and 16 series, we managed their social media accounts and chatted weekly with their lively and highly engaged online audience.

Alan Carr and Miley Cyrus take selfie on the set of Alan Carr Chatty Man

Alan Carr and Miley Cyrus take selfie on the set of Alan Carr Chatty Man

Every week Alan’s fans joined Liberty842’s Sam on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to discuss Alan Carr, the show’s guests, their antics, and to enjoy a bit of a laugh along the way. The Chatty Man social media accounts boasted well over a million social media followers by the series end.

Alan Carr’s adoring fans outside London Studios

  • Targeting communities and fan networks for specific guests or themes on the show, ensuring maximum exposure of the show’s celebrities and content.
  • Event TV – highly active engagement from fans, we run live chat during the show and around recording. Importantly, this encourages people to tune in as the programme airs and the social chatter intrigues those who missed it, encouraging catch up viewing
  • Reviewing the social buzz helps the producers understand reactions to guest bookings and show items.
  • Gives viewers a direct channel to the producers and host and maintains loyalty in terms of viewing figures.
  • Behind-the-scenes content: gossip, videos and photos from the green room.
  • Weekly reporting and analysis provides Channel 4 and the production team with qualitative feedback and timely audience responses to the show.
  • Shortlisted for Marketing Week Engage Awards 2012 for Social Media; Winner Golden Twits award 2010.

“Liberty 842 run the twitter feed for us and the production team work closely with them to realise some of their ideas… it’s proved to be an increasingly fruitful investment. The mysterious Sam, who runs the Chatty Man feed, has her own fan base and very impressively manages to keep a very personal relationship going with the hundreds of thousands of followers both while the series is on, and in between when we’re off air.”
Syedia Irtizaali, Commissioning Editor at Channel 4, speaking during Social Media Week, London, February 2012.