Satirical live TV presents a huge opportunity as well as a challenge for social media. Liberty842 ran The Last Leg’s social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook for 10 series between 2015 and 2018. We ensured all risk during broadcasts was managed and audience buzz amplified through viewer social networks.

The Last LegThe Last Leg incorporates Twitter into the show with its audience tweeting in questions using the hashtag #isitok. There are also regular Twitter polls, generating trending topics and interest from those not tuned in.

During our tenure, The Last Leg was often the most tweeted about Channel 4 show of the week. Tweets about the show could run in to thousands per minute and show hashtags regularly trended. Liberty842 worked closely with The Last Leg production company, Open Mike Productions, to develop content and generate audience content for the show. We posted images and video from the studio as the show aired, and helped to raise the level of buzz and chat around the broadcast.