Matt SoperLiberty842 returns to Social Media Week for the third time with a session called Guess who? – all about brands, identity and reputation.

It may seem hard to imagine a time before Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to name a few platforms, but we’re still at a relatively early stage in the social media game and the rules remain a work in progress.

Thanks in no small part to some notable slip-ups from individuals and brands, the sometimes unruly world of social media is getting to grips with much clearer guidelines on what is and isn’t permissible for organisations as opposed to individuals. Those rules are relatively recent additions so we’ve asked Gateley LLP Partner Lisa Logan to explain the latest developments, including the all important new Defamation Act as well as the CAP code.

Legal matters aside, there is no single set of instructions about what your content should be and how you should manage it – which makes it all the more exciting to try new things out.

Two people with no shortage of experience in that department are Darren Groucutt – Creative Director at Relative, award-winning animation director and man behind the digital content for London 2012 – and James Deeley – Creative Director and strategist at Amaze who has previously worked on Harry Potter website Pottermore and multiplatform project The Utopia Inquiry for Channel 4.

Darren and James will show you the possibilities for engaging your audience using content, giving a taste of the creative opportunities for getting followers genuinely involved in a one-off campaign or for the long term.

Demonstrating how fictional characters from TV drama can step outside the boundaries of a show and draw the audience in further, Somethin’ Else Head of Development for digital projects Trevor Klein will talk about the work he’s done with broadcasters on projects including Skins, Emmerdale and new US drama Hit the Floor.

Taking another angle on the characters theme, Liberty842 Co-founder and Editorial Director Tayler Cresswell will talk about identity on social media, using case studies such as Alan Carr Chatty Man and Mr Selfridge to explore how a distinctive tone of voice can have a powerful effect in strengthening the relationship between a brand and its audience.

With some help from me, Writer and Content Producer, Tayler will also look at some of the ways you can protect your brand in the event of negative feedback or if another social media user is damaging your brand’s reputation by assuming its identity.

Go to the Guess Who? event page on the Social Media Week website to book tickets (if the event is listed as fully booked then simply use our contact form to join the waiting list in case of any cancellations). Follow Liberty842 on Twitter for updates from Social Media Week and on the industry in general.

We look forward to meeting you on Monday 23 September at 6.30pm.