If you’ve followed the rise and rise of twitter, you may have noticed that it’s attracted a few celebs of late.

It’s now gone well beyond the digerati. Jonathan Ross (self-styled “Number One Twitter Detective”) is there using his celebrity contacts to cajole others to join. David Mitchell is now there (apparently Jeremy Clarkson’s “thinking about it”). You’ll also find the real Alan Carr along with Stephen FryYoko OnoJohn Cleeseand MC Hammer. Within six hours, the real David Mitchell attracted well over 1,000 followers.

Earlier this week, Ross asked for ideas for disguises as he had paparazzi camped in his garden. This authentic news (yes, it really is him) will help to put paid to the declining tabloids. However long their lenses, they won’t be able to see into the quirky mind of Ross – infinitely more entertaining than some blurry photo of Ross taking his dog for a walk – and free to follow.