Instagram use overtakes Facebook in the UK – or does it?

Tayler CresswellI was interested – and surprised – to read on the Social Media Week blog that Instagram use had overtaken that of Facebook in the UK.

Casey Fleischmann writes on their blog: “According to new data from the Global Web Index, Instagram has taken over Facebook in the battle to be most used.”

So I skipped over to the post on The Global Web Index (GWI) website and found that it states nothing of the sort.

What it does say is that the percentage rise in active Instagram use in the UK has risen by 18%. Conversely, the percentage drop in active Facebook use in the UK is 7%. The GWI gives no data for total numbers of active UK Instagram or Facebook users on its blog, so unless Fleischmann has access to data that I can’t see, I don’t think they can be compared.