Last night our wonderful client and friend Wayne Sleep invited Tayler and I to the premiere opening of David Hockney’s A Bigger Picture at the Royal Academy.

For three hours, we were immersed in a world of rich colour, texture and creative talent. Hockney’s latest masterpieces – on canvas, film and prints from iPad drawings – are mind blowing. The sheer scale and the amount of time and thought that has gone into creating this exhibition is inspiring. It’s not surprising that it looks likely to outsell the Monet retrospective – the RA’s most successful to date.

Of particular interest was a huge video wall with a piece staring dancers from The Royal Ballet, “improvised” by (and also staring) Wayne Sleep. He was invited by Hockney to create the piece – his brief was simply “colour”. We will be interviewing Wayne next week to find out more about his relationship with the artist and how he went about creating the work.

It was a night we will never forget – a huge gathering of stars from TV, film, fashion and the arts were there including Sirs Michael Caine, Ian McKellen and Bob Geldof, plus Bill Nighy, Tracey Emin, Zandra Rhodes, Andrew Lincoln… we were surrounded by the most creative talent in the world. What a treat. Thank you Wayne!

Tayler, Bill Nighy, Daisy and Andrew Lincoln at the Royal Academy