Sam got a bit of a shock yesterday morning when she woke to find she was in The Independent. Alan Carr has been voted the UK’s #2 most influential tweeter, jointly with Sarah Brown and second only to Sir Richard Branson.

Alan’s Twitter success is partly attributed to the fact that promotion of Alan’s TV show Chatty Man is ‘siphoned off to a separate Twitter account operated by a girl called Sam who “works from a cell”, according to Carr. This frees up the man himself to fill his timeline with… a Twitter output that is engaging, upbeat, funny and occasionally a bit crazy.’

@Alan Carr boasts an impressive PeerIndex of 92, Authority score of 95 and well over 2 million followers.

We always knew Alan was a natural at Twitter – the account was originally set up back in 2008 as a simple way for Alan to update his website on the move by text. His affinity with the medium has brought its own rewards. Alan’s talked about it being a great way to talk directly with his fans, and he’s also thanked his Twitter fans – from both @chattyman as well as @AlanCarr – for helping him win the National TV Award for Best Talk Show.

Here he is talking to Sam about Twitter last month – and below that, Alan spills the beans about who Sam really is…

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