Whipping up a Twitter storm around the Grand National: Alan Carr’s Specstacular

Tayler CresswellAlan Carr’s Grand National Specstacular on Channel 4 used Twitter and its celebrity connections to create a huge buzz around the programme and around the Grand National (which incidentally reached 8.9m viewers according to Barb’s audience figures).
Liberty842 made sure there was plenty of excitement on Twitter. According to Second Sync, there were 23,267 tweets around broadcast making it the second most talked about TV show on Twitter that day. Channel 4 provided a list of the runners and riders on a specially created website.

Below is an account of what happened – and you can read more about our Specstacular work here


Alan Carr’s Grand National Specstacular

A huge Twitter push to generate buzz around Alan Carr’s Specstacular and the Grand National. Celebrities and viewers got involved in the conversation and excitement around the show and the race.

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Wow so many people doing @chattyman @alancarr #sweepstake tomorrow should be Great fun xTeamMariah&DuncanJ
@chattyman is there anyone that ISN’T involved in the sweepstake show lol – looking forward to seeing it, should be fun xNadine Landrebe
40 celebrities were picked for the sweepstake and they got involved on Twitter in the run up to the Specstacular on Friday night. On Saturday, they helped to create a buzz around the Grand National as fans cheered them on. Many said they’d used their favourite celebs to pick a horse in the race.
Cannot wait to be part of Alan Carrs @chattyman sweepstake! Wahoooo an all that!! XxxxxMelanie Sykes
I LOVE A GOOD RIDE! @chattyman: @DoctorChristian Hi Christian! Hope you’re looking forward to the @chattyman #GrandNational sweepstake! :)Dr Christian Jessen
Got a horse in @AlanCarr’s Specstacular Sweepstake, Becauseicouldntsee at 66-1. Sounds like it could use Alan’s specs! D #GrandNationalantanddec
So who’s putting a bet on at the #grandnational? I will be with the @chattyman sweepstake. Come on you G G’s!!!Mark Wright
Celebrities at the recording continued the excitement and @chattyman’s Sam tweeted gossip and photos from the studio
Mayhem filming Alan’s #GrandNational #Specstacular – but here’s cool as a cucumber – @KimberleyJWalsh 🙂 Sam x twitpic.com/cgrdy7Alan Carr Chatty Man
Hilarious filming @chattyman #GrandNational with @RylanClark @wossy @JKCorden @alex_brooker @OfficialClancy James Nesbitt & Paddy McGuinnessKimberley Walsh
James Nesbitt & @wossy get a bit messy on Alan’s #GrandNational #Specstacular Here they are still pristine! Sam x twitpic.com/cgrgpbAlan Carr Chatty Man
Those following our celebrities on Twitter were treated to conversations in the aftermath of the very messy recording…
@KimberleyJWalsh thanks so much for helping out last night!! I still smell of coleslaw!!!! XxAlan Carr
@AlanCarr it was fun! Yep the mix of lasagne and whipped cream was definitely not too fragrant!Kimberley Walsh
@KimberleyJWalsh @alancarr I woke up with chocolate behind my ear! Had a great time filming.Alex Brooker
“@alex_brooker: @KimberleyJWalsh @alancarr I woke up with chocolate behind my ear! Had a great time filming.” Ha! It was pretty messyKimberley Walsh
@AlanCarr @chattyman I had daybreak this morning, I blame u for everything today…….Rylan Ross Clark
@RylanClark @chattyman hope you weren’t sick over Lorraine!!! Ha ha! XAlan Carr
@AlanCarr @chattyman noooo don’t be silly…………. She’s on holiday, all over Kate garaway……Rylan Ross Clark
@chattyman’s Sam sent timely reminders to all the sweepstake celebs with news and there were plenty of conversations and advice from viewers and followers about odds and favourites.
The ever benevolent @chattyman has allocated me Mumbles Head as my horse 4 #GrandNational . Sounds more like something I should be treating!Dr Christian Jessen
@RylanClark @alancarr @chattyman I don’t even think mine has odds haha!Alex Brooker
Yesss! I got the favourite in @AlanCarr’s Grand National Specstacular @chattyman! Watch it tomorrow at 9pm. Come on SEABASS! #GrandNationalRylan Ross Clark
OK, feeling lucky now. I’ve got VIKING BLOND at 66/1 in the @chattyman sweepstakes for the #GrandNational this Sat.Spencer Matthews
In #chattyman Alan Carr’s #GrandNational Spectacular Twitter Sweepstake, I have drawn ‘Quel Esprit’: Watch, I’m onto a winner!!Jon Snow
So @chattyman has given me Ballabriggs in the #grandnational sweepstakes – for those who know the form is it any good?Ben Shephard
@benshephard @chattyman Previous winner. Is great in the weights and ageEbony Stephen-Carey
Erm, in the @chattyman #GrandNational sweepstake I have drawn HARRY THE VIKING with odds of 40/1… Not good right?!Scott Mills
Got Forpadydeplasterer in the @chattyman sweepstake. Odds of 50/1 but I’m confident! #GrandNationalAlex Brooker
@chattyman thanks! Looking forward to Major Malarkey tonight and on Saturday! #grandnationalKrishnan Guru-Murthy
@MrDuncanJames @chattyman I will be glued to the tv..If mines not in the lead, then I will shout for yours… hehe… :-)Colin R Jackson
Quel Esprit..50-1 my sure fire winner in #chattyman alan carr’s Grand National spectacular Twitter Sweepstake!Jon Snow
Many of our sweepstake celebs tweeted during and after transmission ensuring a great buzz around the show.
If you are watching Alan Carr I have got Chicago Grey picked for me by @wossy.Duncan Bannatyne
Alright alright throwing never was my strong point! #Specstacular lmaoKimberley Walsh
I literally can’t stop laughing @chattyman remind me never to drink champagne on tv again Abbey Clancy
Viewers were inspired to get involved in the race…
Looks like I will be watching the racing after HAVING to put a bet on after watch @chattyman #comeon!! #excitedLisa Bullivent
@chattyman Hilarious show tonight! I have backed the same horse as you and @thewhitmore Weird Al and Balthazar King #grandnationalMarie Brennan
Loved @AlanCarr @chattyman #grandnational tonight still deciding on what horse to put bet on maybe Weird AlJill McLucas
Nice to know that i’m betting on the same horses as @DuncanBannatyne and Louis Walsh @chattyman #GrandNational #SpecstacularAdam Thorpe
@chattyman love alan carr, that’s why I chose weird al for the grand national 😉 fingers crossed xxEmma Kennedy
Trying to pick a horse for the #GrandNational today. My choice is based on the celebrities in @AlanCarr’s @chattyman sweepstakes.Mark G
And as the Grand National drew near, our sweepstake folk again tweeted about the race.
Am at the races & feeling lucky! & the sun’s out! Come on tatenen @chattyman #grandnational who’s ur money on @DanMoosah ?Joe Swash
Come on SEABASS in the #grandnational later! @AlanCarr picked it for me in his Specstacular sweepstake. xRylan Ross Clark
Reading a little about my horse @chattyman ….This doesn’t look good #GrandNational #ninetiethminutedaveberry
Looking forward to @chattyman #GrandNational sweepstake, come on Chicago Grey lets be a winner! I’m in.Duncan Bannatyne
Ok not long now…. Across the bay is my horse on @chattyman #grandnational!Ricky Hatton MBE
And the winner is…
I WON THE SWEEPSTAKE!! @chattyman hahahahaha I’m the winner!Duncan James
Buzzing! Congrats auroras encore! Hope you all put a bet on! ;)) @chattymanDuncan James
I can’t believe @MrDuncanJames won the @chattyman #GrandNational sweepstakes!!! It was a fix I tell you!Dr Christian Jessen
@MrDuncanJames Well done DJ – couldn’t breathe in the closing stages… Jesus… That was bloody good! 3rd for meDenise Lewis
@chattyman send my love to @KimberleyJWalsh she just won me money! Wooo Oscar time 😀 thanks kimba love yoooou!!xxxxAloud&Proud#SmackDat