Our social media experiment – we’re in the paper!

We recently spent a month helping Guardian journalist Paula Cocozza to improve her social media presence. It was an experiment on her part, born from a curiosity about what happens when you pay someone to help look after your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn (etc) accounts.

Polite cycling posterIt was a fascinating month – and with only a month to play with, we were clear that we could only achieve limited success in helping Paula to build a quality following and interest. We always recommend 6 months’ work to test content, and see what works best.

Our aim was to help Paula to get more from social media – to use it for networking as well as promoting her work (she’s writing a book as well as her Guardian articles).

Paula was keen to learn, albeit time poor. We helped her to increase her visibility, particularly on Twitter, with more frequent posts, more images and more conversation. We plugged her Twitter account into Social Bro‘s analytics software which helped Paula to understand more about her followers and those she’s following, and will give useful information like the best time to tweet.

We explored the idea of a polite cycling society, though we ran out of time to really make any headway with that. I still think the idea has legs!

You can read Paula’s account of our month together here.

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And if you too need help, some tips!

Be entertaining! Be yourself – share with your followers what you’re up to.

Post photos of activity or places – and of yourself (if you can bear it).

Provide links to make sure people know where to book/buy/read content you’re talking about.

Reply to people who have Tweeted you.

Check your tweets for spelling / grammar before you post (if posting from your phone beware the auto-correct monster!).

Best to only post images/photos that you have copyright to / the permission of anyone in the photo.

Never engage in an argument on Twitter. You don’t need the stress, and the other person may be a child or unwell! (And could result in negative press…)

NEVER drink and tweet!

Paula Cocozza mind map

Our mind map – helping us to get to know Paula.