We spent the day down in New Cross on Monday talking to the Metadesign students at Goldsmiths’ College. It was a fascinating day – it’s great to discuss what you do without it being a sales pitch! We discussed the merits of doing business in a highly networked world, and whether life really had changed that much since our respective childhoods – consensus was yes and no! The ubiquity of mobile phones and cameras has helped to create a world that is endlessly recorded and shared, but are teenagers, for example, really more conscious of their image today than they were a generation ago?

It was a bit of a family affair – Dad (his image recorded and duly shared below) spoke first about his long-running fascination (obsession?) with perspective and 3D imagery. His presentation was made up of photos, cardboard, pegs and mirrors – and very effective it was too.

Three dads – Peter Cresswell in 3D