Making an impact

We couldn’t have predicted the huge interest in Liberty842 after our Social Media Week talks last month. Our Talking Telly event, produced in association with Pact, led to seven new business meetings! It’ll be no surprise that we’re re-running the event on March 27th.

We joined Pact a year ago. Meeting Mike Dicks, their Senior Policy Executive, for the first time was a memorable occasion. We talked about how TV was evolving and how social media was fundamentally changing the viewer experience. We talked measurement, best practice (better practice!) and ROI. I was inspired by Mike’s knowledge, creative vision and the connections that Pact have been able to offer us.

They might not be the first place a digital company looks for support, but over the last year, Pact have been instrumental in helping us with contracts and amplifying our brand within the TV industry.

It’s worth taking a look at what they’re doing for digital agencies.