Well, we made it! A year of very hard work, some strenuous party planning and finally a celebration worthy of the cause: Liberty842’s first birthday.

A big thank you to all of our amazing clients, peers and friends – all of whom have been instrumental in this amazing journey. We repaid you with entertainment, the opportunity to strut your stuff on the dance floor and no doubt sore heads in the morning!

A special thank you to Tilley Harris for the fantastic film and photos of the night, and DJ Kevin Palmer for the great tunes. It really was a night to remember!

Co-founders, Daisy and Tayler
Matt, Daisy, Tilley and Tayler

Tayler, Paul, Dan and Gok
Daisy, Tilley, Alan, Tayler and Helen




Harry and Daisy
Tayler, Keith and Jodie

Matt, Claire and Jodie
Matt and Jeremy

Daisy, Kevin, Tayler and Kelda
Tony, Matt, Ruth and James