Daisy CresswellIt’s Ada Lovelace Day today and it’s always great to be reminded of heroines that have helped influence and shape the world as we know it. My sister and I started our business in 2009 because we were inquisitive and wanted to create a business that questions established ways of doing things. In just three years we have witnessed, and been part of, the major shift in audience behaviour – particularly when it comes to TV and radio. With tools such as Twitter and Facebook amplifying fan opinion, programme-makers and broadcasters have a unique opportunity to peek into viewers’ and listeners’ homes (offices, bus journeys, dog walks…) and hear their point of view. And it’s not just the digital natives we’re talking about. We can see this shift too in radio listening behaviour for example with the BBC Radio 4’s The Archer’s tweetalongs on a Sunday morning.

We are in the throes of a social (r)evolution. Technology brings us new and enhanced tools, but with them comes responsibility. Those in the industry need to help to shape a new, more responsible, educated social landscape.  It’s up to us to help show people how best to harness this.  We are up for the challenge.

Happy Ada Lovelace Day! (Find out all about Ada on the Science Museum website.)

Posted by: Daisy, 16 October 2012

Picture shows Daisy and Tayler on a beach sometime in the 1970s. Photo taken by our inspirational nan, Gladys Griffin.