Dallas returns, but will there be shoulder pads and dirty secrets?

Whilst we’re missing the return of Dallas in the UK (we’ll have to wait till September), we’re wondering if it’ll match up to the iconic first run?

Here are a few essentials we hope will make an appearance in some shape or form…

  • The Red File – JR’s file of dirty secrets (if you don’t remember it, it has it’s own Wiki entry)
  • Sue Ellen’s penchant for Club Sodas – will she be on the wagon this time round?
  • Shoulder pads – or at least some form of power dressing
  • Windswept barbecues – all that 80s hair spray kept every hair in place!
  • Fully-clothed dip in the pool. Who’ll be the first to be pushed into the Southfork swimming pool?
  • Clip on earrings – will Sue Ellen’s ears now be pierced?
  • That Barnes woman – who will be the new Ewing family nemesis?


Back in the early 1980s, a page from the Red File came into my possession. It’s posted here for the very first time. It has previously only been seen by myself and JR Ewing (and possibly his secretary, who must have typed it up).

The Red File - Ewing Oil basics