Connected UK event: Creating content worth sharing

Last Tuesday, I went to the first of Pact’s Connected UK events. We heard from Rabin Mukerjea and Andrew Hill, from Grand Central Entertainment @GrandCentralEnt; Martin Trickey @chuffty from TwoFour; Simon Harris, Executive Producer at BBCWW @SJ_Harris and Gareth Capon from BSkyB @garethcapon.

It was a fascinating peek into the crossover between TV, gaming and social content and there was quite a bit of discussion around whether TV programmes are enhanced or interrupted by second screen content and whether, with the rapid rise of content consumed via smart phones and tablets, the TV is fast becoming the second screen.

Here’s the story told in tweets from the night:

Connected UK: Content

Connected UK is a series of five events that brings together leading figures from the worlds of TV, video games, digital media and advertising. Part 1: Content

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Very interesting – a write up of the @IPA_Updates #connecteduk event – ‘Thinking inside the box’ Smith
Talk I gave on Tuesday as part of #connecteduk love to hear feedback Harris
Ditto MT @ConnectedUKLND Massive thanks to @nicolamen @garethcapon @GrandCentralEnt @Chuffty @SJ_Harris for great presentations #ConnectedUKLIBERTY842 Ltd
And it’s a wrap – to continue the conversation please use #ConnectedUK. Drinks and nibbles await…ConnectedUK
Rounding up: "Sometimes we forget about putting the consumer at the heart" – @nicolamen. Constant failing of brands IMO. #connectedukMark Hadfield
#connecteduk TwoFour Channel4 Mother & New Look #stylethenation great example of how brands and broadcasters CAN create compelling contentnatalie graeme
For content to go viral it needs authenticity #ConnectedUKConnectedUK
Your audience can smell it when you are trying to market something @chuffty says. So make it funny and don’t try to hard #connectedukTiffany St James
Lots of talk about live experiences w/ 2nd screen, but how can we use past social content as legacy data? Ppl share after too. #connectedukMark Hadfield
Heresy? Q from the floor asks if TV is the second screen – it’s what goes on in the background? #connectedukLIBERTY842 Ltd
Great point by @adamgraham: "The terminology is holding us back. For lots of people the TV is the second screen" #connectedukMark Hadfield
Q & A now with all speakers #ConnectedUKConnectedUK
#connecteduk seems to be implicit assumption that passive consumption = not ideal, and active interaction = better. I love being passive!trev
@garethcapon TV not about "i" its about "we" and "us" #ConnectedUKConnectedUK
"The conversation is transcending national barriers and it is happening in real time" #ConnectedUKSMG London
#connecteduk @garethcapon when everyone can share a moment the true fans are the ones closest to the experience but sharing it with othersnatalie graeme
#connecteduk @garethcapon the conversation around connected content is global and creative content breeds contentMike Dicks
How many times will BSkyB name drop Zeebox? #ConnectedUKMartin Delamere
@garethcapon Content is the thread that holds conversations together #ConnectedUKConnectedUK
@garethcapon It’s content people want to share. Sky invest $2bn per year on content. #connectedukThe IPA
@garethcapon EPL cornerstone of SKy’s success. Brilliant content at heart of that. #ConnectedUKConnectedUK
#connecteduk final speaker is @garethcapon from Sky on fluid live content Harris
Shouldn’t we be providing brilliant content to enhance viewers exp rather than maxing #SocialTV for advtsg asks @sj_Harris #connectedukTiffany St James
#connecteduk how about an experience that moves from device to device? – @SJ_HarrisMike Dicks
#connecteduk is transmedia transmediocre at the moment ?@SJ_HarrisMike Dicks
I like the idea of 2nd screen app (vertical or horizontal) being extra layer of relevant content. Make the TV show interactive. #connectedukMark Hadfield
#connecteduk a lot of this second screen panic is TV realising it’s now not always sole focus of attention. Radio got over this decades ago.trev
86% of respondents to Nielsen survey would second screen. I’m one of them, currently first screening during talk at #connectedukAlex Trickett
#ConnectedUK 86% of people use a 2nd screen while watching tvnicola mendelsohn
@SJ_Harris 86% viewers use 2nd screen. 42% tablet 44% phone #ConnectedUKConnectedUK
RT @ConnectedUKLND: @SJ_Harris Investing in brands such as Doctor Who to extend content to 2nd screen #ConnectedUKThe IPA
Simon Harris @SJ_Harris from BBC Worldwide Games explains BBCWW’s strategy for gamers and brands at #connectedukPact
Got to move away from tv being about overnights. Should be about more than the TX slot – so says @chuffty at #connectedukLIBERTY842 Ltd
Good point. If the TV content is aesthetically awesome (Frozen Planet) then 2nd screen is unwelcome distraction. #connectedukMark Hadfield
@Chuffty Million £ drop obviously great example of play along TV show. Antiques Roadshow 2nd screen app on the way! #ConnectedUKConnectedUK
#connecteduk Upstaged for BBC 3 was "the creme de la creme of cock ups" – @Chuffty. Ha!trev
"It’s still just tv, what’s changed is how we watch it". Good session @chuffty w irreverent look at early tech attempts#connectedukSMG London
#comeandhaveagoifyouthinkyouresmartenough – @chuffty on TV cockups. Will tv show names soon be dictated by the hashtag? #connectedukLIBERTY842 Ltd
#connecteduk @Chuffty comparing Draw Something to a game he made for Catchphrase in 2000 (say what you see)trev
"This might be the point where we get to change television" – @chuffty #connectedukMark Hadfield
You can tell @Chuffty used to commission comedy. Loving his talk at #connecteduk about future of telly using black and white slides.trev
Does your tv still have rabbit ears? #connectedukKen Mulligan
Next up @Chuffty- TwoFour’s Martin Trickey on commissing vs producing #connectedukThe IPA
Benefit of familiarity over originality. If it works, do more of it #connecteduk But surely original and intuitive is even betterAlex Trickett
"If it works do more" – but for how many iterations? Until the interest graph/ sharing starts declining? #connectedukMark Hadfield
@GrandCentralEnt Lessons learned: If it works, do more. Benefit of familiarity #connectedukConnectedUK
Talk about a prize! Winner of Nissan GT comp won pro driver contract. Importance of incentive to social content #connecteduk #socialacademyAlex Trickett
GT Academy winner came 2nd at Le Mans 24hr. Amazing PR to change perceptions of the brand to the people who matter. #connectedukMark Hadfield
Rabin Mukerjea and Andrew Hill @grandCentralEnt insights into pulling together games, social media, TV and Le Mans 24hr racing #connectedukPact
"When you dream of racing cars… you don’t think of a [my brand]." What a great problem to try and crack. #connectedukMark Hadfield
@GrandCentralEnt "Fantastic problem" at heart of all good comms ideas #connectedukConnectedUK
@nicolamen: Together we need to build better connections and skills to succeed in converged media landscape #ConnectedUKConnectedUK
#connecteduk @GrandCentralEnt are first up tonight how they got a member of the public into the Le Mans through GT PS3 Harris
Not an intimidating lecture hall at all 🙂 #connecteduk Harris