Liberty842 help to manage the digital presence of best-selling author and journalist Shirley Conran OBE.

We created, showcasing Shirley’s novels, her writing and giving her a platform for her often controversial views on everything from money, sex and power to education.

Shirley Conran

The website was developed to coincide with the launch of Shirley’s maths ebook, Money Stuff, which aims to help women manage their money better – and get richer! Liberty842 created launch materials including a video explaining the benefits of the Money Stuff e-book.

Liberty842 also developed a digital presence for Maths Action, a sister organisation to the Learning Skills Foundation and founded by Shirley. Maths Action aims to promote maths in schools and increase confidence in maths, particularly among girls. Liberty842 is a Patron of Maths Action.

Shirley Conran is on Twitter @ShirleyConran.