Alan Carr’s Specstaculars are held at Channel 4 HQ and have been broadcast since New Year’s eve 2011. In 2012 there were two Summer Specstaculars – one broadcast around the Queen’s Jubilee and another close to the Olympics and Paralympics – and another New Year Specstacular to round off the year.

And in April 2013, Alan’s Grand National Specstacular whipped up interest in the Grand National with a host of Twitter celebrities getting involved in Alan’s sweepstake promoted on the programme and publicised through the @chattyman account. Read more about what we did here.

In the run up to each Specstacular party, Liberty842’s Sam used established social media channels, including Alan’s Twitter and Facebook accounts and Chatty Man’s Twitter and Facebook pages, to generate excitement and awareness of the show. At the recording, Liberty842 spent time collecting images and video which were then used as teasers for the programme before and during transmission.

On the night, there were on screen prompts to use the #Specstacular hashtag. This was coupled with Sam’s efforts, hosting the online party – retweeting comments, favouriting tweets, as well as answering questions and publishing photos and backstage gossip. The show’s hashtag appeared on Twitter’s top trending topics, helping to encourage more people to tune in.