Stepping into the immaculate shoes of an Edwardian merchant prince has been an education and a real treat. Liberty842 was commissioned by Selfridges to bring the character of Mr Selfridge to life on Twitter to tie in the ITV drama of the same name.

Mr Selfridge on Twitter

Our editorial team spent a great deal of time researching both the character and history of the brand – we had access to Selfridges incredible archive – in order to develop the right tone of voice for Mr Selfridge on Twitter and paid particular attention to the personality and manner of the original Harry Gordon Selfridge.

For Selfridges, @MrSelfridge has resulted in a highly engaged audience online with 96% positive sentiment. Some of the show’s stars have engaged with @MrSelfridge through their own Twitter accounts. This project has encouraged people to share their thoughts of the store, the era, the fashion, as well as Harry himself.

By week two @MrSelfridge’s tweets had reached 660,031 accounts on Twitter – resulting in a massive 2.4m impressions overall. At the same time, the account was awarded Twitter campaign of the week by Retail Week.

“Taking on the persona of the man himself, the account tweets facts and figures and responds to followers with knowingly old-fashioned quips… @Mr Selfridge works because it has an engaging, vivid tone of voice and focuses on conversation with followers” Retail Week, 16 January, 2013.

Claire Higgins from Selfridges’ online marketing team writes: “Liberty842 approached our brief with creativity and an approach that really got under the skin of our brand. Their professionalism, ability to work out of hours and above and beyond meant that we were able to create something that our customers could engage and relate to. Our confidence in them to deliver, means we can leave them to get on with the brief in hand and ensure that we have a strong working relationship built on trust and excellent delivery.”