Like many not-for-profit organisations, time and resources can be tight, especially if you are running one of the largest fringe festivals in the world, with a core team of just six people. Liberty842’s co-founder Daisy Cresswell joined the board of Trustees in 2010 and worked with the management team to help them harness digital channels in ways that are both manageable and achieve results.

Brighton Fringe

As part of the digital strategy developed with the Fringe Marketing Manager, a small team of tech-savvy social media volunteers are recruited each year to collect stories, videos and pictures that can then be shared through the Fringe’s social media accounts in the build up to, and during the Festival.

With Liberty842’s guidance, the management team was able to ensure both staff and volunteers understood best practice governing legal, copyright and quality of editorial output. A simple escalation policy was also devised, in order to manage risk. Liberty842 created an easy-to-follow social media training session designed to help both board members and staff understand how best to use Twitter to increase the audience for the Fringe.

  • Strategy to recruit social media volunteers to create content and generate excitement around the Brighton Fringe
  • Tailored training programme for social media volunteers
  • Escalation policy to manage risk

Our training and guidelines have helped The Fringe widen their social net, involving headline sponsors such as Hendricks UK and Citroen, world-wide participants and talent, venues, local businesses and, crucially, the press.

  • 2011 total attendances increased by 6% on previous year to over 180,00 tickets sold
  • Over 1m ticket sales, with value up by 50% on previous year via Fringe box office
  • 200% increase in online participation through social media on previous year